Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trouble With Weddings (revamp)

So in this story there is a girl named Tegan and she gets a bit upset about her dad getting married to some other woman.
Tegan calls her friend Jenny on the phone and says “ I have some very bad news ”, Dad asked Alex to marry him. You might be wondering who Alex is, she is a close friend. Any way Tegans dad had purposed to Alex, and Tegan didn’t like it. Tegan describes Alex to be, always cheerful and she always cracks dad up with laughter and with that laughter he brings out a smile. Jenny Tegan’s best friend, is interested in, when the wedding is going to take part, Tegan says “sounds like your more interested in the wedding instead of my problems”.

Tegan wanted to see what the wedding ring looked like, so she went into dad’s draw and found the wedding ring just sitting in its case. Tegan tried the ring on and (OH NO) the ring had got stuck on Tegans finger. Tegan panicked and told Jenny. Jenny worked out many strategies to make the ring come off, but sadly none of them worked. The ring came off while Tegan was having a sleep and in the morning the ring was nowhere to be seen.

They finally found the ring, it was in the vacuum cleaner because Mrs Wells the maid/cleaner vaccumed it up. It was time for the couple to get married. They arrived at the church and dad just realized that he had forgotten the ring at home, so he jumped in the car and hurried back home.

I thought this book was really cool and funny and I would like to read another book just like that.

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