Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volcano Silhouette

On Friday room 17 were doing silhouette pictures with our teacher Ms Crowther. Silhouette pictures are when the sky turns into a really beautiful red and when you look at a tree it isn't really green it is black.
I have done a silhouette picture of a volcano because that is what we are learning about.

Muffty days disco

Finally it was here I was waiting for this day, me and my friends had been waiting for the bell to the disco to go, when we got there it was really noisy When Justin Bieber's song came on every single girl in the hall was screaming.

Monday, April 19, 2010


From hellagems

This term we are learning about volcanos.What I have found out is that the lava inside the volcanos isn't lava,it is Magma.Magama is very hot.
There is four kinds of volcanos one is called a active volcano,sheild volcano,a compsite volcano and a extinct volcano.
I would like to find out if any volcanologist had seen if the volcanos had Eurupted.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

European Settlers

Europeans came to New Zealand to buy land for the animals because there was no room in England. This Pakeha is trying to give money to the Maori lady because he wants land. But no one person owned the land. It belonged to all of the Tangata Whenua.

Van Gogh

Last Friday we were learning about Vincent Van Gogh's art. Vincent van Gogh's art was about what moods he was in - he had big bold brush strokes that seems as if we were actually there.

Maori Houses

When the Europeans came to New Zealand they saw that the Maori people had different types of buildings.

Captain Cook Comes to NZ

We have been researching what it was like for captain Cook when he first came to New Zealand. He met a new and strange people, who lived very differently from the way he had been brought up in Britain.
Have a look at what we found out.


Have you been to Swimarama Pools in Panmure?
I have. I went to Swimarama with my mum, and brothers and cousins on Sunday because it was very hot and my feet felt like they were going to catch fire.