Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Holiday

Going To Wellington,

yaay I said to myself, me and my sister are going to Wellington with our Dad, on his truck. As soon as we got in the truck me and my sister played super Tux (game).

When my Dads truck was getting loaded my Dad took me and my sister Cruz, to Mac Donald’s for dinner, my sister had a happy meal and a sundae, I had a Big Mac and a Sundae and with chips, then we headed back to the Yard, were my dads trailer was getting loaded.

We set of to Wellington as soon as my Dad’s trailer was finished, on the way to Wellington we past; Turangi, Taihape, Taumaranui and other places, also on the way there, we saw the Big corrugated gumboot in Taihape, went past the Prisons in Turangi. As it was beginning to get dark, we past a lot of trees that looked like a Silhouette.

When we got to the Wharf in Wellington, Me My Dad and my Sister had some Breakfast at Mainfreight, then went for a shower, after that, Me and my sister went to play at the beach, then we got called in so we went to have some lunch.
I felt good after my lunch I wasn’t hungry anymore.

Our Explain Ready Task: Cluster

This is Our Explain Ready Task, we have been asked to present, our presentation is about the cluster of stars, hope you enjoy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Multiple Intelligences Results

Room 20 and I have been taking an MI Quiz. We have done this test so we can be more awear of what Multiple Intelligences we are I am Linguistic - Word smart. This means I am Word Smart.