Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Netball With Emma!

For the past few weeks we have been learning netball skills, Emma our netball Instructor has been teaching room 20 and I how to do a dynamic stretch. There are three types of Dynamic Stretches, Butt-flicks, grape vine and high knees.

One netball drill is about passing. You always have your hands in a W formation then pass it long and strong. I have learnt to chest pass and ground pass. Another drill is about shooting, the ball has to be placed into the palm of whichever hand you write with and the other hand should be supporting it. The last drill of all we looked at was defending. When defending you must always be three feet away from the goal shoot, or the person who you are defending.

Finally, we got to play a game at the end. The bib that I was wearing was WA and that is wing attack. I enjoyed the game, although I did feel tired after the game.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our 20 Hour Famine Sleepover!

A Mixture of Students and Teachers are participating in this paticular Event also known as the 20 Hour Famine, In some parts of the world there are many of children and Adults are suffering because they have no food and water.

Were trying to help raise money for the people who need it, this money goes to World Vison so they can send it to the people who need it, this year I am Joining the BLUE TEAM YAHH GO BLUE TEAM!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Translating Geometry

Room 20 are exploring how to translate using google drawing, we are learning about Geometry and this is a picture of how I translated this shape. First I didn't know how to translate shapes but now I do, it was kind of hard at first but now it seems easy ,I have used a square for the shape that I had to translate. translating means that you move the shape to one place to another with out resizing it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Tornado That Struck Albany.

Yesterday in Auckland New Zealand a powerful Tornado has currently hit the central business district around 3pm damaging a lot of vehicles, this twister has killed one man and had left 14 others in hospital. This tornado is causing left over debris that has been flying into other vehicles and Trucks.