Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC Reflection.

“NO”!! why Kayaking first? “Isn’t that a great start to the day” THIS IS NOT THE DESTINATION, I WANTED TO REACH!!

Today was the day of the annual year 7 and 8 camp. My group the respectablez
were the first group to go kayaking.

“Sharks there are sharks in the water” I made that up because I didnt want to go in at this time of the morning, Do you want to know what time we went? well i’m gonna tell you anyway! IT WAS 9:30 AM.

But after all it was pretty fun. Having a partner didn’t really help although I had a blast and well that was my camp TC highlight.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC

The best thing about camp TC that I enjoyed was the Alligator Allie!I liked the Alligator Allie Because it allowed us to work together. The reason I liked this was because it was challenging and hard.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taonga Time!!

On Friday after lunch, Rooms 18-22
gathered in the street for Taonga Time. Finally my teacher came forward and collected my group. My teachers name was miss Va'afusuaga.

As soon as we got to the field, Miss Va'afusuaga told us how to play a game called three bats; these bats were, a ping pong bat, a softball bat and a cricket bat.

Our team didn't really have a name, but Miss Va'afusuaga called us the A-Team, and the other the B-Team.