Friday, June 29, 2012

Writing For This Term

Well this term is coming to a close. Mr Barks has told us to come up with our best piece of writing we can possibly think of.

My goals for next term are to focus on the teacher. I really want to learn more than what I have learnt this term.  I am looking towards posting at least 1-2 blog posts a week, I have learnt from this terms blog posts that I am not posting more to my blog.

To be honest I think this term was a lot of fun and I hope next term can be the same

Thanks To Chelsea for reading my work

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Favorite Place

Our task is to go out with a camera and take a picture of our favourite place. Once we've taken our photos we can only select one !. As soon as we have selected the snapshot we are going to use we have to explain why we chose that particular picture and why it stood out from the rest.

My favourite place is the local beach ‘Pt England’. I’ve been to Pt England beach several times. I really like going to Pt England beach because I enjoy fishing there. I’ve remembered all the times we’ve been there mostly positive. Even though Pt England is a cool beach I really like going to Wenderholm.

I picked this picture because I liked that I like to watch the beautiful white shimmery glow in the water. It stood out from the other pictures because I liked how the sand is kind of wavy and bumpy. You see the picture at the top thats what Pt England looks like it awesome.

I also like the view of the beach it’s PRICELESS. Thanks to Chelsea who helped edit my work for me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Novel Study : The Angel Experiment

In Literacy, my group -the Einsteins have been reading an action book called “The Angel Experiment.” This book has Six main Characters, all having a variety of special powers.  I have found this book to be very enjoyable and I think that if you were to reach for this novel, you too would be hooked.

Even though I was hooked from the start, I found chapter 8 very exciting. The first 2 paragraphs really grabbed my attention and from then on, I found it difficult to log off. Flying kids, kidnapped Angels, vicious attacking Erasers...all in one chapter.  Like I said, it truly was exciting!

All though it was a depressing time for them it was very pleasing for me because I really liked the awesome vocabulary the author used to bring out the emotions like , as if you were really in the story.

I really like reading an online Novel because you don’t have to worry about anyone, taking or losing your book. I am looking forward to reading the next part of this story.