Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Novel Study : The Angel Experiment

In Literacy, my group -the Einsteins have been reading an action book called “The Angel Experiment.” This book has Six main Characters, all having a variety of special powers.  I have found this book to be very enjoyable and I think that if you were to reach for this novel, you too would be hooked.

Even though I was hooked from the start, I found chapter 8 very exciting. The first 2 paragraphs really grabbed my attention and from then on, I found it difficult to log off. Flying kids, kidnapped Angels, vicious attacking Erasers...all in one chapter.  Like I said, it truly was exciting!

All though it was a depressing time for them it was very pleasing for me because I really liked the awesome vocabulary the author used to bring out the emotions like , as if you were really in the story.

I really like reading an online Novel because you don’t have to worry about anyone, taking or losing your book. I am looking forward to reading the next part of this story.

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