Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jessie J

Do you know who Jesse J is ? well by the time you have finished reading my work I think you would kind of have a clue who Jessie J is.

Her real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, also known as Jessie J. She started singing worldwide last year in February . Since then she has recorded; Nobody's perfect, Who's Laughing Now, Who you are. Domino , Price Tag and other songs.  

Who you are, is one of the best songs I think she has recorded. Not only is she a good singer, her songs are really inspiring. In her song, Who you are I’m pretty confident that the message is to be faithful to yourself.

If you don’t belive in yourself, nobody will believe in you. Just follow your instincts. - Jessica Ellen Cornish. 

Thanks to Cael for reading my work.

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