Monday, November 12, 2012


Every student at Pt England has a house colour. Britney's house colour is Tainui(blue). These groups are joined together on days, such as Cross Country and Athletics. Last week Thursday was their Athletics day and Britney was in Tainui. 

“Left and Right” , “Pick a side” said the lady in the blue. Britney picked the right side to jump from because she was right handed. Most of the people in the group had picked to jump from the right side. Not much people wanted to jump from the left side.  Britney found out that it was best for her to jump from the right side , because the people that were right handed and that jumped from the left side didn’t really do well. Britney said “ I don’t think I made it but unless I tried my best.” So we went off to do her next event, Sprinting.

“FINALLY” said Britney. It was time to race against some of the fastest girls in her age group. Britney loved to run short distance. As the first race ended Britney came back to the starting line with a smile on her face, “ I came 2nd she said to one of the girls. She said one of the hardest things in the first race was trying to catch up to Pesi, But Pesi came first. “It was really tiring but challenging at the same time. Britney said that she really liked racing with Pesi and her friends. SO now it was time to race for the finals see who wins first place. Before the finals Britney’s legs were cramped up from the other races, and her mouth was really DRY like REALLY, so before the race started, Britney went and asked one of the teachers for a drink, sadly they said NO because the race was going to start. She went and got back into line ready to race. She raced and she came in 4th place. After the race had finished she went to have a long cold drink. Then off they went to Discus and other events.

As the day was ending  Britney felt pretty good about herself. After that she went back to her class and waited for the bell to go, so she could go home.

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