Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Beautiful Friend


I like your smile  

Your sweet like sugar. 
Pretty like a flower.

Brainy as a scientist.
Your really supportive.

Your smile always cheers me up
To be honest : I like how our friendship is.

I like how you talk to me about GOD

I like how your funny, just like a comedian.
You crack me up with heaps and heaps of laughter.

Roses are red violets are blue, im happy to have a friend like you

I've known you for about 3 years, honestly I don't regret meeting you.

But most of all I LOVE your personality.

From your friend Brooke.


  1. Hi Brooke
    What an amazing story that you wrote about Tule, It amazing me it was like a poem about it. That was a great peace of writing that you did about your friend Tule. It is very Interesting about it
    You are a nice person.
    Keep the work up
    Jessica P