Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who am I

Kia ora My name is Brooke Huriana Graham Lila , I was Born in NZ on May 20th 1999
I was Born at Auckland City Hospital , My Parents names are Sheena Clarke and Brock Graham , I have 5 other siblings. Sadly my older sister  Kaiya Anne Marie Graham Lila passed away , because she came out to early , My brothers and sisters are Johnny Kaiya Taiapa Tame and my little sister Cruz. My Great Grandmother just recently passed away , My dads dad , passed away in 2007 , I really like going on LOONG trips because we get to stop in Taumaranui when ever we go to Rotarua. I really Love my Nan and Papa because well their kinda like my own parents. I don’t really have a interesting life and well I guess thats what I remember

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