Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Amazing Bug Hunt

One day in early November Room 17 and I went on a bug hunt to look for bugs. If you are wondering why we went to look for bugs it is because, it is part of our topic.
When we got there Miss Garden said to find a log, that my whole class could lift well part of it. We found a log and we tried to lift it but we couldn't lift it. It was too heavy for us on one side so we tried the other side and we saw heaps of slugs; snails spiders and worms. They were all going into the dark and back underneath the would.

Miss Garden walked into the grass and looked carefully. She was taking the grass and putting it in the dirt, then she chucked the rest of it at me and screamed, She went over to the other side and picked up a branch and we saw a snails larvae. After finding the snails, I found a tiger worm I went to Miss Garden and showed her the Tiger worm. She said it was because of the stripes so I went to look at it and tiny legs appeared on the bottom of little worms tummy.

Its not a Tiger worm!! Its a millipede! Miss Garden look, its not a Tiger worm its a Millipede.

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