Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cross Country

When I walked into school I saw the chairs with the ages on the back of it. I thought we were having a team cross country this looks like a whole school one. What a nightmare!

It is so embarrassing I Know Ill come last, but Chanel in front of me didn't seem worried. Maybe I should be like her she isn't worried. When Miss Garden came around with a cosy blanket I didn't want to get up.

As Mr Barks called the 11 year old boys and girls my legs started to wobble I started to panic and my legs started to wobble even more ''don't worry'' Pesi said ''Ill run with you''

Ready set Bang!!!!! I know Pesi said that she will run with run with me but I see is me doing a little spurt and leaving Pesi behind. As I was making my way to Miss Burn I had to stop and look for Pesi I can see her she is coming 3rd out of the girls there is no way I'm gonna catch up to her. Thinking at the last minute I was trying and trying to catch up to her but the mud was so slimy all my energy was drained out just from trying to get out of the mud.

Making my way to the finish line I triped and heard Miss King saying ''come on Brooke You can do it you can do it win for Tainui'' I got up with an angry feeling and finished the race I felt great because I had finished that horrible race.

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