Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tenpin Bowling Last Week

On Saturday last week me and my family went to have a game of Tenpin Bowling. When We got there my Dad gave us some money to get some tokens for the games. When I got my tokens I went to the deal or no deal machine so I can win the same amount of tickets that my mum had and guess what it was out of older!!!! then I went to my mum and I told her that I was gonna get more tickets than her and did you know what she said to that? she said in my dreams!

So I went to this machine where you have to hit the the head down and then they come back up and guess how many tickers I got from that machine? I got sixteen tickers.

When it was our turn to start bowling my uncle Paul was First then my mum and so on, guess who was last me! well it was my mums turn and she had got the gutter on the first to turns that she had when it had gutter my auntie I asked if I could take her turn and she said yes I had got the bowling ball and then I just through it guess what I had got my auntie I got her a strike.

Then it got to my turn I got seven tickets when we had finished the game of tenpin bowling we had added up the points. In 1st place was my Auntie with 76 points In 2nd placee was my Mum With 70 points In 3rd place was Me with 68 points In 4th place was my Uncle paul with 62 points and in Last place was my brother who had 54 points. Then after the game we went home.


  1. Hi Brooke, I'm Fyfe from the Livewires. The lady who taught us Life Education was Nicky.

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