Friday, June 25, 2010

Rugby On Saturday

Have you ever played rugby in your life ? Do you think it is amazing ?

On Saturday my brothers team the Pakuranga jaguars, was playing the manerewa marlens under 12's. My brother was very happy because he was playing against his old friends from school.

Taiapa ( my brother ) was a sub. When he came on he scored lots of tries he got three tries in the first half.

Tommy can do really high kicks he did one, and even though it was really high my brother manged to catch it. Run away try run away try every one called as he got the third try of the game.

It was the second half, my brother was tired had to get of . He got tackeld in the stomach and in the legs. But my brther did not give up.

At the endof the game brian the coach said who careswhat the club says you all get three points. Guess what the whole team go player of the day.

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